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1. This rechargeable electronic foot file will give you perfectly smooth feet and put your pedicurist out of work

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2. This beard bip will conveniently collect all those annoying rogue hair bits that fly about when you shave your man-beard

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3. This colorful led shower head with purifying mineral balls lets you see exactly how hot the water is

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4. This rechargeable hair clipper is waterproof and boasts 5 different cutting lengths 

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5. This power floss water jet uses air infusion technology to clean your teeth or braces 

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6. This luxurious bathtub pillow will boost your bathtime fun factor and turn you into a happy prune

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7. This all-in-one beard shaping & styling tool will turn any craggly muff into a handsome man beard

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8. This unisex posture corrector & back support brace will make you sit up straight and hunch no more

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9. This foot scrubber thingybob will make sure cleaning your feet in the shower is fun and easy

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10. This 3-in-1 grooming gadget will trim all those hairs in hard to cut places such as your nose, eyebrows and sideburns

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