Professional Wireless 4000 DPI Gaming Mouse With 8 Buttons

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Game’s on! You and your team are at virtual war. And you’re their trusted sniper. 

You search for a shady spot, lay close to the ground, and look into your scope. You spot an enemy. He too, is a sniper. You both stare at each other, locked down and ready to fire. This is the moment…

You try to steady your aim. But your crosshairs sway back and forth. You get anxious. And before you even press your mouse to shoot, you’re killed.

Frustrated and angry as this is your 10th death, you bang the keyboard and yell, “How?” 

The secret? Is it because of their skill? Is it because they cheated? No…

They just have a better computer mouse than you. One designed for high-level gamers that gives them more precision, faster movement, and even extra buttons. Allowing them to play at a competitive level you only wish you could.

Until now…

IT’S TIME TO LIVE THE ULTIMATE PC GAMING EXPERIENCE! Whether you are aiming, targeting, slashing or attacking, a professional computer gaming mouse is your best weapon! Discover the most responsive and comfortable TeckNet Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse! The ideal pc accessory that will skyrocket your performance! The advanced 2.4Ghz wireless technology enables working distance up to 10m with little-to-no delay or signal drops.


COMFORT & PRECISION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS! The TeckNet Pro Computer Wireless Gaming Mouse is an essential computer accessory for die-hard gamers! You will be amazed by the unmatched comfort, lethal accuracy and killer precision of our durable, desktop and laptop pro gaming mouse!

ULTRA-SLEEK ERGONOMIC DESIGN! Not only will this wireless gaming mouse provide unparalleled comfort and unique grip, it will also look extremely sleek and stylish on your desk! Due to its awesome black colour and discreet blue details, you can rest assured that your pc gaming mouse will impress everyone! 

12-MONTH BATTERY LIFE and low battery indicator will never let you drop out for lack of juice during gaming process.


THE CHOICE OF DIE-HARD GAMERS! Our premium gaming mouse is the ultimate solution for most type of games! Its 8 responsive buttons as well as its ultra-ergonomic design will offer you that right balance of accuracy and precision you so much desire! Compatible with Win 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8 /10.


MIGHTY 4000DPI OPTICAL SENSOR! Are you tired of struggling with flimsy and frustrating computer gaming mice? Our advanced, heavy-duty 4000DPI optical sensor is here to make your life easier and your gaming performance legendary! Plus, you can easily adjust the 5 DPI settings (800/1200/1600/2400/4000) to match your pc gaming needs! 



Here’s How To Turbo-Charge Your PC Gaming Performance Easily!

Are you tired of frustrating, unresponsive gaming mice that freeze during the most crucial battle and leave you at the mercy of your enemies?

Are you looking for that ultimate pc gaming mouse that will offer your unparalleled comfort, deadly precision and killer accuracy?

Look no further!

Presenting The TeckNet Premium Professional Wireless Gaming Mouse!

The ultimate gaming accessory for every die-hard gamer who wants to enjoy maximum performance and sleek, ergonomic grip.

Why spend another day with a low quality, flimsy mouse when you can add a nuclear weapon to your pc gaming arsenal?

4000 DPI Optical Sensor & 8 Handy Buttons For Top-Notch Gaming!

Our durable and ergonomic, desktop and laptop gaming mouse comes with an integrated, powerful 4000DPI optical sensor for maximum precision and accuracy!

Plus, the TeckNet pro computer gaming mouse features 8 handy buttons for unmatched performance.

Unleash Your Inner PC Gaming Beast In Comfort And Style!

We have designed our advanced computer gaming mouse to exceed even your highest expectations!

Its ergonomic and comfortable, nonslip shape will offer smooth gliding and the added weight will boost your in-game precision and accuracy.

Why settle for a low quality, costly gaming mouse, when you can own the ultimate gamer’s mouse?

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