BOBO VR Z4 Headset with Built-in Headphones

  • $42.95

Virtual reality is just a headset away! You don’t need to purchase any complicated equipment to enter different worlds on the internet. All you need is your smartphone and this fully immersive headset.

If you have a VR Compatible phone that’s 4-6 inches in length, you can take advantage of this technology. 

Here’s how it works…

Just slip in your phone with a video playing into the front compartment, and plug the headset into its audio jack. Place this over your head and adjust it so that it’s secure and comfortable. Then, also adjust the retractable headphones to fit it directly over your ears.

Now sit back and enjoy!

Wrapping around your entire head and field of view, you finally get to experience a world that’s almost as real as the one you're in now! 

With a quality stereo system blasting in your ear, and nothing else but the video playing before your eyes, you might lose yourself in this wonderful 3-D experience that you’ve been dying to try out.



  • VR Headset turns normal videos into a fully immersive experience
  • Retractable headphones with an incredible sound system
  • Extra padding for comfortable wear and crystal-clear display
  • Works with any compatible phone between 4-6 inches in length 

Take your smartphone to another level! And grab this VR Headset today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now to watch awesome VR videos!




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