Colorful LED Shower Head With Purifying Mineral Balls

  • $25.95

Watch this customer review to see what it looks like in action:  

Chances are, your shower-head is like everyone else’s — plain grey color, round head, perforated to let streams of water shoot out… How boring! 

But with this shower-head, you can turn streams of water into a clean, purified, waterfall of light!

With its temperature-responsive LED lights, the color of your shower-head automatically changes depending on how hot or cold your water is. Amazing! So not only will you be sprinkled with colored droplets, but you can also tell when it’s warm enough to jump in.

If the water’s cold, it’ll shine a bright green. If warm, a soothing blue. And if hot, a bold red.

But that’s not all… Filled inside its handle are tens of anion mineral balls. What for? To purify and remove chlorine from your tap water, all before it reaches your skin so you can feel refreshed, cleaned, and rejuvenated after every shower!

Watch this customer review to see what it looks like in action:  


  • Shower head transforms streams of water into a majestic waterfall of light
  • Lights automatically turn on and change color depending on the temperature of your water
  • Cold water is green, warm water is blue, hot water is red, and extremely hot water will flash red
  • Anion mineral balls filter and purify tap water for a cleaner and more refreshing shower
  • Easy installation with no batteries or power supply needed

Give yourself and your guests something to be amazed at! They won’t believe it when they turn on your shower-head and are greeted with colorful streams of water. Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!

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