Flexible Mini Tripod for Smartphones & Cams

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Most tripods do at most one thing, and one thing only — hold your camera or phone up on the ground, or in your hand. The reason for this is because it has just three legs. 

But can you imagine what a “tripod” could do if it had 5 flexible legs instead? 

And if it can hold different mounts too?

Well, that’s exactly what you can expect from this one here…

With 5 flexible yet stable legs, you can bend, mold, and shape it to give you the best possible angle and most stable position. Whether it be for holding it in your hand, placing it on top of something, or even hanging it to a tree branch, this can do it all!

Thanks to its convenient design and included screw, you can fasten your phone or camera mount to the center of the “tripod,” or onto one of its legs. Giving you unlimited ways to ensure your device is always capturing and displaying the best picture.


  • Compatible with smartphones, GoPros, and other sports cameras
  • Mini “tripod” with 5 flexible legs adapts to all needs
  • Can be bent and shaped to comfortably hold in your hand, stably stand on a surface, and securely grip to a branch or pole
  • Can also be used as a phone or tablet stand

Don’t limit yourself to dull tripods. These 5-legged ones can grab and hang onto almost anything.

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    What's in Box

    • 1 X Stents
    • 1 X Tripod Mount Adapter
    • 1 X 1/4 Standard Screw
    • 1 X Mobile Phone Clip


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