Scientific Microscope Lab Kit (x1200) - Best Educational Gift

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You know this already. You learned it in 3rd grade… The world is made up of small molecules, which is made up of smaller atoms. And it’s always a shock to see what ordinary things look like when you’re able to zoom in a thousand times closer.

Take a piece of an onion. Normally, it’s just something you toss on a cheesy burger. But up close? You see it for what it really is… A brick-like wall of cells!

Or try some snow, which just looks like a white speck of dust. But when you zoom in up close? You see the symmetrical beauty, in all its shapes and sizes, of a single feathery ice crystal!

And that’s all possible (plus, much more) when you have this microscope at home!

Able to zoom in up to 1200 times closer, everything you place under the magnifier will nearly transform into a completely, never-before-seen object! Try other pieces of fruits and veggies, or something as simple as a piece of paper! You never know what will pop up.


  • Scientific microscope gives you super magnifying vision into the invisible world
  • Encourage your child's scientific investigation and discovery
  • Can zoom in 100X, 400X, or even 1200X
  • Gives you unlimited possibilities of what you can take a closer look at
  • Powers on with 2 AA batteries (not included) 
  • Comes with glass tiles, blank label, plastic container, collection bottle and tweezers
  • Dimensions: .211mm X 115mm X 70mm / 8.3in X 4.5in X 2.8in

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