USB Charger With Built-in Spycam (1080p HD)

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Spying has just been revolutionized. And it could never be easier…

Take a quick look at this charger. Most likely, you’re familiar with it. Almost everyone is. That’s why it’s so great at spying because no one will ever look at this and think a mini camera is built inside! 

But there is.

Working as any regular USB charger, not only do you get to power up your devices, but you can secretly record at the same time! The moment you plug this into an outlet, it’ll automatically power on, and with its tiny lens, catch long hours of video.

So whether you have a sneaky partner, an evil little sibling, a dishonest friend, or just suspect your cleaner / nanny of whatever... this little camera will help you catch every moment without them ever knowing! You don’t even have to hide it, they’ll never figure it out…


  • USB Charger spy camera is cleverly designed with an almost invisible camera lens
  • Stores hours of video for you to look through when you’re done spying
  • Simple To Use. Plug in and recording begins instantly
  • 1080P Resolution
  • Functional charger for your device
  • Dimensions: 10cm X 10cm X 10cm / 3.94in X 3.94in X 3.94in

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    Most Covert Hidden Camera: 

    This ordinary looking and functional USB wall charger features a 1080P HD hidden camera lens allowing you to easily monitor any room in your home or business.

    No matter where you need covert video surveillance, this mini charger camera will blend in easily. Unlike many adapter cameras this device has no physical "pinhole", no one will suspect there is a camera hidden inside. 

    • 1080P HD VIDEO: Videos recorded by the wall charger camera are recorded in clear 1080P HD video, giving you a clear view of any room. Easily see what's going on in your home or office, or wherever you need to set up covert video surveillance.
    • EASY OPERATION: Just insert a micro SD card (not included) just plug it into any AC outlet, and the camera will start recording. There is no complicated setup or configuration needed, the camera is truly plug and play and easy for anyone to use.
    • COVERT SURVEILLANCE: There is no pinhole which helps disguise the device. In addition, because wall chargers are so common, you can place this device virtually anywhere and no one will suspect it is anything but a USB charger.
    • AUTO OVERWRITE: Features auto overwrite aka "loop recording" mode. This means if the memory fills up, the camera will automatically overwrite the oldest video files so that it can continue recording, which makes for easy "hands off" video surveillance.

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